Welcome/ What to Expect

Hello, and welcome to Meal Prep for Weight Loss! I'm so glad you're here, because this means you took a HUGE step in committing to a goal. Whether it's losing a ton of weight, a little weight, or just wanting to learn the ins and outs of meal prep, you belong here, and I'm excited to lead you through this course!

Before we begin, I wanted to introduce myself so you understand a little of where I'm coming from. My name is Jaime, and I live in Ohio with my husband John and our daughter Allison. Allison was born in 2013, and it wasn't until 2015 that I decided to try and lose my baby weight. I gained 40 pounds during the pregnancy and had about 20 of that left to lose; so I knew I had a small hurdle to jump over.

After 8 months, I ended up losing all 20 pounds and have kept it off ever since. During that time, I learned a LOT about food and how it affected me and my body. After a couple years, I ventured into the meal prep game in 2018 and have since gotten hooked! I've perfected the art of getting weekly meal prep down to one hour, and my goal for this course is to teach you just that.

Meal Prep for Weight Loss is divided into 4 modules, each one designed to give you bite-sized steps on how to get started making meal prep a weekly habit. Each video is only a few minutes long- and as busy moms, I know we can't handle much more than that! Go through the course at your own pace and use the resources given to you.

Speaking of resources, you now have a ton of helpful worksheets to get you started! From a Weight Loss Tracker to Meal Prep Checklists, be sure to check them out under the Helpful Tools module, or right under this video. You'll use these to keep track of your own weight loss, plan your meals, and schedule your meal prep sessions.

Lastly, make sure you join our Facebook group! I believe the hardest part of weight loss is accountability, and this group is designed to keep you active with daily and weekly check-ins. I'll also host a weekly Live session where you can ask questions and get advice on where you are with your weight loss/meal prep sessions!

Now, I'm not a doctor or a dietitian. I can't tell you exactly what you should be eating to lose weight. But I can show you the tools I use, the recipes I make, and the exact process I use to meal prep in one hour a week. I get it, you're busy! But give me this chance to show you what it's like to pull breakfast out of the fridge every morning. How easy it is to freeze chicken in portioned bags and use them throughout the week. You're worth this time and effort, and I'm here for you! Now, let's get started!